Resilience Website List (Updated by 25/10/2021)

Here is an aggregate of websites that provide resources and strategies for building child and youth resilience.

Resilience resources and strategies for children and youths:

Kids Helpline (Building Resilience) (Australia) 

SDERA (Resilience Education) (Australia) 

Resilient Youth (e.g., Surveys & School Programs(Australia) 

The Resilience Project (e.g., GEM TV(Australia) (Building Resilience) (Australia) 

Fostering Resilience (Parent/Community Site) (Australia) 

Community Resilience Initiative (USA) 

Arthur Family Health (Resilience) (USA) 

Good Grief (USA) 

Resources for Resilience (USA) 

Resiliency In Action (USA) 

Kent Resilience Hub (UK)